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  • “Garland’s Refusal to Protect Supreme Court Justices Endangers the Country” -Hadley Arkes in The Federalist

    by James Wilson Institute on May 11, 2023
    In a piece for The Federalist, Professor Hadley Arkes criticizes Attorney General Merrick Garland’s evasion of his duty to protect Supreme Court justices from ongoing verbal harassment. Although it is a federal crime to picket outside a justice’s residence, protestors continue to congregate around the homes of Justices Alito and Kavanaugh with impunity. AG Garland […]
  • Puzzle of 303 Creative –Hadley Arkes in First Things

    by James Wilson Institute on February 3, 2023
    In a piece for First Things, JWI Founder & Director Hadley Arkes analyzes how the issues of speech and religion have proven a challenge to the Court for years. should be clear that neither “coerced speech” nor “religious belief” can supply the ground of the judgment. At oral argument, he thought that Justices Kavanaugh and […]
  • “Rethinking Libel, Defamation, and Press Accountability” Anchoring Truths Podcast with Carson Holloway

    by James Wilson Institute on November 1, 2022
    In this episode of the Anchoring Truths Podcast, Garrett Snedeker and JWI intern Jacob Shields sit down with Professor Carson Holloway of the University of Nebraska, Omaha, to discuss his recent article for the Claremont Press titled “Rethinking Libel, Defamation, and Press Accountability.” They discuss the Supreme Court’s 1964 decision in New York Times v. Sullivan, the […]
  • “Hunt down the Supreme Court leaker” — Josh Hammer in The Spectator World

    by James Wilson Institute on June 1, 2022
    In “Hunt down the Supreme Court leaker,” 2021 James Wilson Fellow Josh Hammer discusses the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. He explains that, while the decision will likely help end abortion in America, no one knows who leaked Roberts’ opinion. If no one identifies the leaker, […]
  • “What the Hearings Missed” — Hadley Arkes at The American Mind

    by James Wilson Institute on April 13, 2022
    In the aftermath of Judge Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Hadley Arkes analyzes the Senate hearings. Despite some well-timed questions, Republicans ultimately missed their chance to put Judge Jackson on the record defending the right to kill unwanted children even after birth. Some excerpts: “During the recent hearings over Judge Jackson, Senator Marsha Blackburn […]
  • “Waiting for Dobbs” — Hadley Arkes in The Catholic Thing

    by James Wilson Institute on February 9, 2022
    Professor Arkes anticipates what might happen if the Supreme Court seeks to take “the low door under the whole” in the Dobbs case—sustaining the law in Mississippi while affecting not to overrule Roe v. Wade. Some excerpts: “The odds are that the statute in Mississippi will be sustained by a Court now containing Amy Coney […]
  • “When ‘Matter’ Really Matters” — Jesse Merriam

    by James Wilson Institute on January 17, 2022
    Jesse Merriam argues that Engel and Schempp are here to stay because the “matter” of modern-day society has corrupted the “form” of American jurisprudence. Rather than attempting to overturn these cases, conservative legal scholars and judges should learn how to make Founding ideas work in the twenty-first century. Some excerpts: “Incorporation of the Establishment Clause…means […]
  • “States, Courts, and Common-Good Conservatism” — Holden Tanner

    by James Wilson Institute on January 3, 2022
    Holden Tanner continues his dialogue with Josh Hammer and Jesse Merriam, arguing that to reform American jurisprudence conservatives need a new synthesis of the natural law tradition and the Antifederalist vision of state power. Some excerpts: “Hammer is correct that abstract human reason alone cannot restore conservative jurisprudence—careful attention to our history and traditions as […]
  • Takeaways from Oral Arguments in Dobbs- Hadley Arkes in First Things

    by James Wilson Institute on December 2, 2021
    After the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Dobbs v Jackson Woman’s Health Organization, JWI Founder and Director Hadley Arkes proffered his thoughts on what happened and what it means for pro-lifers. Some excerpts from the piece: “One side, we might say, was “morally challenged” or imbecilic, and the other side wasn’t sure just […]
  • “Whelan-Arkes Exchange: Last Round” — Hadley Arkes

    by James Wilson Institute on October 6, 2021
    Hadley Arkes responds to Edward Whelan in the last of five pieces on Originalism and the rightful place of moral reasoning. Appeals to Scalia only reinforce the position of common-good originalists: that conservative judges have forgotten the objective moral truths which once governed American jurisprudence. (Links to the other four pieces, in order of publication, can […]