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  • “Secular Materialism Can’t Make Sense of Reality” by Professor Justin Dyer

    by James Wilson Institute on July 18, 2018
    Writing in The Public Discourse ”Secular Materialism Can’t Make Sense of Reality“, Professor Justin Dyer, a JWI Affiliated Scholar, confronts the philosophies of materialism which seem to increasingly gain prominence in modern society. Pointing to the thoughts of modern philosophers such as Saul Smilansky, he observes that secular materialism, which reduces “every thought, every hope, and every […]
  • “Natural Justice and the Amistad”–Professor Justin Dyer in Starting Points

    by James Wilson Institute on August 28, 2017
    Justin Dyer, Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri and an Affiliated Scholar of JWI, recalls the oral argument of John Quincy Adams in the historic Supreme Court case of United States v. Amistad (1841). In a piece published at Starting Points, a journal of the Kinder Institute, Dyer explains Adams’s use of arguments based […]