Articles tagged as Immanuel Kant

  • “Whelan-Arkes Exchange: Last Round” — Hadley Arkes

    by James Wilson Institute on October 6, 2021
    Hadley Arkes responds to Edward Whelan in the last of five pieces on Originalism and the rightful place of moral reasoning. Appeals to Scalia only reinforce the position of common-good originalists: that conservative judges have forgotten the objective moral truths which once governed American jurisprudence. (Links to the other four pieces, in order of publication, can […]
  • “Letter to a Noble Lawyer” — Hadley Arkes at Anchoring Truths and Law & Liberty

    by Hadley Arkes on February 11, 2021
    In 2021, JWI begins a collaborative partnership with the Liberty Fund’s online journal, Law & Liberty. Led by its Director, Richard Reinsch, Law & Liberty has become one of the premier journals on the Right for writing on jurisprudence, politics, and the culture. With this feature piece, Prof. Hadley Arkes opens our first symposium with […]
  • American Founding and the Crisis of the House Divided: Watch Prof. Arkes on C-SPAN

    by James Wilson Institute on December 1, 2016
    On November 26, 2016, C-SPAN aired a recording of Prof. Hadley Arkes delivering one of his iconic lectures, putting in place the premises that were central to the American regime: “The American Founding and the Crisis of the House Divided.” C-SPAN filmed Prof. Arkes in September 2016 delivering an early session in the course that became known to […]
  • “Inescapably Natural” –Prof. Hadley Arkes in First Things

    by James Wilson Institute on March 2, 2016
    In a review at First Things of Natural Law in Court: A History of Legal Theory in Practice by Prof. R.H. Helmholz, Prof. Hadley Arkes reminds us of some common misconceptions about the natural law. For example, the natural law does not illuminate or explain those behaviors or occurrences that may occur through forces of nature.  He […]