Articles tagged as Harry Jaffa

  • PODCAST: Glenn Ellmers on The Soul of Politics

    by James Wilson Institute on August 13, 2021
    Claremont Institute senior fellow Glenn Ellmers joined JWI Deputy Director Garrett Snedeker and JWI Intern Seth Root to discuss his forthcoming book, The Soul of Politics: Harry V. Jaffa and the Fight for America. In the podcast, we discussed Jaffa’s views on the moral roots of the American regime and Jaffa’s books, Crisis of the […]
  • “Common Good Originalism”: Josh Hammer in The American Mind

    by James Wilson Institute on May 15, 2020
    In a measured response to Harvard Law professor Adrian Vermeule’s critique of originalism, Josh Hammer, a friend of the James Wilson Institute and Of Counsel at the First Liberty Institute, proposes a middle way between originalism and common good constitutionalism. While he agrees with much of Vermeule’s philosophy and argument, he sees a complete abandonment […]