Articles tagged as Francis Beckwith

  • Life After Lemon – Nick Reaves (’15) in Law & Liberty

    by James Wilson Institute on June 25, 2021
    JWI Fellowship alumnus and legal counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty Nick Reaves (’15) responded to JWI Scholar Francis Beckwith’s piece declaring Lemon to be dead with a roadmap for Establishment jurisprudence. Reaves begins by listing more criticisms of Lemon, including its unworkability for all the ways government can come into contact with religion, […]
  • “Lemon v. Kurtzman at 50” – Francis Beckwith in Law and Liberty

    by James Wilson Institute on June 1, 2021
    In an article at Law and Liberty, JWI Scholar Francis Beckwith traces the history and eventual demise of the Lemon Test created by Chief Justice Burger in Lemon v. Kurtzman on its 50th anniversary. The Court has inconsistently applied the Lemon Test for years, amending or ignoring its different prongs as it wishes. Lacking any […]