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  • Justin Dyer: “Standing Against Falsehood” James Wilson Symposium

    by James Wilson Institute on February 23, 2021
    In 2021, JWI begins a collaborative partnership with the Liberty Fund’s online journal, Law & Liberty. Led by its Director, Richard Reinsch, Law & Liberty has become one of the premier journals on the Right for writing on jurisprudence, politics, and the culture. Prof. Hadley Arkes opened our first symposium in February 2021 with “Letter to a […]
  • Listen: Prof. Hadley Arkes on Bostock and Transgenderism for the Issues etc. Podcast

    by James Wilson Institute on July 18, 2020
    On June 25th, JWI founder and director Prof. Hadley Arkes sat down with Lutheran Radio’s Issues, etc. to discuss the Supreme Court’s Bostock ruling on transgenderism and what it means for conservatives and religious freedom moving forward. Prof. Arkes offers insight into constitutional interpretation and how the Natural Law tradition informs the understanding of what […]