• “What Fr. Arne Shaped”-Hadley Arkes in The Catholic Thing

    by James Wilson Institute on July 26, 2017
    Father Arne Panula, a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei, passed away on July 19, 2017 after several months’ battle with cancer. Fr. Arne was a humble servant of Christ and a beloved friend of Professor Hadley Arkes. In a memoir entitled, “What Fr. Arne Shaped” for The Catholic Thing, Prof. Arkes recounts Fr. Arne’s final […]
  • “Of Satanism and Religious Freedom”-Gunnar Gundersen in The Catholic Thing

    by James Wilson Institute on May 6, 2017
    In a piece for The Catholic Thing, entitled “Of Satanism and Religious Freedom,” Gunnar Gundersen discusses the nature of religious liberty and whether the protection of this natural right extends to Satanism and “irreligion”. Gundersen is an affiliated scholar of the James Wilson Institute. Some excerpts: “Do our laws require that Satanism be protected as a religion? The short answer is […]