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JWI Webinar with Michael Maibach: “The Electoral College & Our Nation of States”

by James Wilson Institute on December 3, 2020

On November 19, the James Wilson Institute hosted a webinar with Michael Maibach, an expert on the Electoral College. Michael Maibach is a Distinguished Fellow for Save Our States where he manages outreach to academics, policy professionals, and allied organizations. Mr. Maibach is also JWI’s Managing Director and a member of the JWI Board of Trustees.

The Electoral College is one of the most discussed but least understood aspects of our civic and political life. During the webinar, Mr. Maibach talked about the philosophy behind the creation of the Electoral College and its importance in the United States political system. Michael Maibach answered practical questions such as how are electors selected? Furthermore, he addressed the current opposition to the Electoral College and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Initiative.

To watch the webinar click HERE.

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