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JWI Managing Director Michael Maibach featured in “Safeguard,” a documentary on the US Electoral College

by James Wilson Institute on September 23, 2020
Photo Credit: Safeguard: An Electoral College Story

The James Wilson Institute Managing Director Michael Maibach was recently featured in the documentary film Safeguard: An Electoral College Story.  This timely new documentary asks questions on many Americans’ minds right now: How does the Electoral College really work? What were the Founders trying to do in shaping it? And what would happen if we changed the rules?

The documentary was written and directed by M.A. Taylor and it analyzes our Electoral College system from a historical and contemporary perspective, combining historical evidence and expert analysis. Managing Director Maibach joins a highly respected cast including, among others, Mr. Steve Forbes, Mr. Bradley A. Smith, and Dr. Allen Guelzo. Over the course of the documentary, the esteemed panel of experts reaffirms the validity of the Founders’ design of the Electoral College and provides excellent arguments for the necessity of its preservation today. Mr. Maibach uses the World Series reference to cleverly illustrate the logic of the Electoral College: “It’s not who gets the most runs in seven games, it’s who wins the most games!” 

As talk of dismantling the Electoral College seems to be gaining traction in certain circles on the left, this documentary comes just in time to present the argument in favor of this uniquely American system.

Safeguard: An Electoral College Story is currently available for free on Amazon Prime Video.

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— James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1790