American Founding and the Crisis of the House Divided: Watch Prof. Arkes on C-SPAN

by James Wilson Institute on December 1, 2016

On November 26, 2016, C-SPAN aired a recording of Prof. Hadley Arkes delivering one of his iconic lectures, putting in place the premises that were central to the American regime: “The American Founding and the Crisis of the House Divided.” C-SPAN filmed Prof. Arkes in September 2016 delivering an early session in the course that became known to two generations of students at Amherst College as “Political Obligations.” 

Prof. Arkes’s influential book, First Things, derived its inspiration and content from his class, “Political Obligations.” This lecture, from early in the semester, puts into the place the moral ground of the law and the political order. A version of this lecture has been shaped into an important session on Aristotle and Lincoln, which is featured at many JWI programs including the summer Fellowship and the Regional Seminars.

Watch Prof. Arkes on C-SPAN here.