“The Conservative Lawyers Versus the Never Trumpers” -Hadley Arkes in First Things

by James Wilson Institute on September 19, 2016

We invite you to read Prof. Arkes writing for First Things, in which he addresses the grave matters at stake if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

“At a recent gathering in Washington, D.C., a conservative lawyer, active in the bar of the Supreme Court, turned furious when he heard the declarations of a Never Trumper: ‘Get hold of yourself,’ he said, ‘and get serious. Look at what is plainly before you.’

“For the conservative lawyers, these are not whimsical visions of Christmas Future but a grim state of affairs that is already taking shape before them. The lawyers simply cannot be as blithe as my friend George Will and the other Never Trumpers, who write off this election and look to a better future rising from the ashes. The conservative lawyers can taste the ashes now.”

Read the whole piece here.