Interview of Prof. Hadley Arkes by Marvin Olasky in The World Magazine

We invite you to read an interview of Prof. Arkes in The World Magazine with Marvin Olasky.  In this interview, Prof. Arkes reflects on being a professor, the 2016 election, the pro-life movement, his Faith, and his marriage. Some excerpts:

Olasky: “Would both major presidential candidates get an F on one of your exams?”

Arkes: “I don’t think I could get from Donald Trump a precise account of anything he reads. Hillary Clinton would give me the party line: Whatever the subject, we need gun control.”

Olasky: “You say we have a choice between “the brutal sure thing,” Hillary Clinton, and ‘the wild card,’ Donald Trump. ”

Arkes: “Hillary Clinton is not a question mark. For her and the left, the “right to abortion” is the first freedom, displacing freedom of religion and freedom of speech anchoring axioms.”

Olasky: “In your best-known book, First Things, you refer to the Ferris wheel in that 1949 movie, The Third Man.” 

Arkes: “The character Harry Lime, profiting from adulterated serum in Vienna, is at the top of the Ferris wheel in Vienna. A friend asks, ‘Have you ever seen what your victims look like?’ Lime says, ‘From up here those people look like little dots. What if I told you I’d give you $20,000 for every dot, tax-free? Would you figure out how many of those dots you could afford to give up?’ But when you come from the top of the arc to the bottom those dots turn into real human beings. What you think is a dot in an abortion will become the figure you recognize clearly as a baby.”

Please follow this link to read the interview in its entirety.